Say “I do!” to Classic Bridal Makeup


Wedding Dresses by Watters. Style: KYLILAH

A few weeks ago, spurred me to create a wedding look inspired by one of three wedding dresses of their choice.

Never heard of Make sure you check out their website here. Their website serves all of your wedding needs. They offer wedding inspiration, shopping resources (find your perfect gown!), and planning tools for your BIG day!

When I first saw their website I thought, “Hmm…this is kinda like Pinterest for weddings. But BETTER!” I can’t wait to use them as a resource when I get married!

Say YES to The Dress!

Out of the three dresses sent to me, I decided to do a look inspired by this classic heart-shaped gown (above). I love the flow of this gown and instantly knew I could create a look to match its personality.

The dress was created by Wedding Dresses by Watters, in the style KYLILAH. Click here to shop this dress or here to view other styles available on

Say “I do!” to Classic Bridal Makeup

For weddings, I love to give my brides a perfect glow, a neutral eye, and a little drama in the lashes. I believe a bride should never be overdone and she should look flawlessly finished on her wedding day.

So of course, I had to create a classic bridal makeup look to compliment this gorgeous gown. I chose to use the Lorac MegaPro palette for this look and used the colors “White” (on the lid) and “Fawn” in the crease. I also used Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maya Mia Palette. The colors used from this palette were “Sienna” (in crease and under eye) and “Gold bar” (in eye socket area).

I decided to take these colors and create a soft cut crease (which means you have a more defined line between your lid and crease area). I chose this type of eye look because it went well with the lines of the dress style (it has a very fitted and asymmetric flow to it). To finish off the look I added a small pop of gold on the inner corner of my eye, just to add that extra glow that every bride needs.

The sweetheart cut and lace appliqués on the dress made me think of words like “sweet” and “chic”. While creating this look I was inspired by those two words. I hope you think this look conveys just that!

Hair & Flower Inspiration

Next, I found a beautiful flower bouquet that went perfectly with the pretty burgundy lip color I am wearing. It really played well with the earthy tones of the boquet.

Lastly, I found this gorgeous hairstyle that I thought would show off the beautiful heart shaped front of the dress. I love the way her hair looks effortlessly beautiful and classic – just like the makeup!

And there you have it, a perfect blend of classic, timeless, and effortless beauty. This is the perfect look for your wedding day! Would you rock this wedding look? Comment below and tell me!


Product Details:


  • Lorac Cosmetics: Mega Pro Palette (sold out on Lorac & Sephora sites this link still has some here)
    • Colors used: White (on lid), Fawn (in crease)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: Maya Mia Palette
    • Colors used: Sienna (crease & under eye), Gold Bar (eye socket area)


  • Girlaktic: ‘Allure’ & ‘Demure’ Matte Lip Paints (mixed)


  • MAC: Ambering Rose


  • MAC:
    • Face & Body in C3
    • ‘Give Me Sun’ (to warm up the face)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills


  • JNbeauty: Mink lashes in ‘Tease Me’

I am in love with these two palettes & these lashes!

Part 2: Eyeshadow Color Theory 101 For Blue, Grey, & Yellow/Amber Eyes

Happy Thursday! As promised, today I will be covering Part 2 of my Eyeshadow Color Theory 101 for Blue, Grey, and Yellow/Amber eyes (I decided to add in Grey since I forgot about it until this week)!

Last week I covered what eyeshadow colors go best with green, brown, and hazel eyes; but I didn’t forget about all you lucky ladies who have blue, grey, or yellow toned eyes. If you are among this lucky bunch…I am definitely jelly! Don’t get me wrong-I love my brown/hazel eyes…but I love other colors just as much! They are just so unique and amazingly beautiful!

If you are unsure what Color Wheel Theory is, make sure you see my previous blog for a full explanation of color theory basics.

For your reference I have included an eyeshadow color wheel , pictures (I wish I had contacts so I could’ve created looks myself-since I didn’t I had to improvise!), and links to some of the less commonly known eyeshadow colors so you can see what they look like, in case you are unsure. If you have questions, ask away!


Image of A Color Wheel in Relation to Makeup:

Robert Jones Beauty Academy


  • Terra cotta shadows
  • Bronze shadows
  • Neutral shades (earth tones) for smokey eyes look amazing!
  • Orange shadows
  • Purple shadows
  • Warm copper shadows
  • Plum shadows
  • Earthy green shadows
  • Rosey/pink shadows
  • Blue/turquoise shadows intensify blue eyes


Image: Pinterest 

*Notice how the orange shade brings forward the yellow in her eyes? This is always what you want to achieve when choosing eyeshadow colors. That’s the beauty of knowing the color wheel-you can manipulate your eyes to bring forward certain color tones! 🙂


  • Copper shadows (brings the blue in your eyes forward)
  • Burgundy or purple shades (brings the green in your eyes forward)
  • Can also use any colors listed above (in Blue Eyes With Yellow Specks)


Image: Google

*This is a good example of how both copper and burgundy can really emphasize and bring forward green tones, in blue eyes.


  • Purple shadows
  • Pink shadows
  • Plum shadows
  • Earth tone shadows
  • Copper shadows
  • Brown shadows
  • Champagne shadows


Image: Google

*Notice how the pink accentuates the yellow tone in her eyes? Perfect!


  • Rosey/pink shades
  • Copper shadows
  • Brown shadows
  • Plum shadows
  • Purple shadows
  • Light/navy blues


Image: Google 

*Blues and grays are perfect colors to use for a smokey eye, for someone with gray eyes. It really softens the eye and brings out the gorgeous gray color of the eyes.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it is important to remember the color wheel when selecting the right color options for your specific eye color. The one thing you need to remember: always select colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, because those are your complimentary opposites to your eye color.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.

Xoxo Amber